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Electrical Code Academy, Inc. Introduces “Just Calculations” Video Series for Electrical Training

McKinney, TX – April 17, 2024 – Electrical Code Academy, Inc. announces the forthcoming “Just Calculations” video series. Set to begin production in mid to late 2024, this series will be available on the Fast Trax Tube platform []. Designed to enhance electricians’ mastery of essential calculations, the series will cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals.

“Just Calculations” offers in-depth tutorials focused on critical mathematical skills needed in electrical work, from Ohm’s Law to complex circuit design. The content is delivered through the academy’s advanced Fast Trax Tube platform, supporting learning across devices.

Series Features:

  • Targeted Instruction: Delivers focused content on crucial calculation techniques.
  • Flexible Learning: Access courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Expert Educators: Learn from experienced industry professionals.
  • Real-World Application: Demonstrations link theory to practical use.

Paul Abernathy, CEO, stated, “Just Calculations fills a vital niche in electrical training. Our platform exceeds typical online learning tools, ensuring electricians receive the most effective educational experience.”

Pre-registration opens mid-summer 2024, with early access and discounts for initial subscribers.

About Electrical Code Academy, Inc.: Based in McKinney, Texas, Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is committed to advancing the electrical field through innovative and comprehensive training solutions. Their new offerings in 2024 are set to transform industry standards for educational platforms.

For more details or to pre-register, visit [] or contact: 

Media Contact: 

Name: Darlene Abernathy 

Title: VP of Operations 

Phone: (214) 945-0653 



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